Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wei Song's Bday cum Miki Farewell @ Yan Steamboat, Kepong

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exam season.. hectic!!

this is the reason why i hav been missing from my blog for some period of time.. YES.. exam season, busy preparing for it.. especially the 1st paper, the most hectic one - Engineering in Society! not to say i did spend my time finishing mission in Starcraft 2. XD

anwyay, dis EIS is the most hectic paper among all, which required serious critical thinking, general knowledge, and essay writing skill, which doesnt suit me at all. i'm weak in essay writing or theory paper, prefer those calculation paper.. becoz of dis theory paper, i had been sleeping at 6am and woke up at 11am, 5 hours sleep, continuously for a few days already. my body in fatigue condition. =(

Did i mention dat this morning, i'm the 1st one who woke up among alex and toy, and for the 1st time i didnt on my laptop to online, instead i study for dis paper? dis is very RARE, as normally i'm the last one who wake up, online instead of final revision. even Alex and Toy are surprised! this shows how much i worried bout dis paper..

oh well.. it is over now.. YEESH!! a big relief now.. 1 down 4 to go.. going 2 hav a nice rest now and going 2 hav celebration for Wei Song's bday (in da 1st day of exam.. dammn sad.. ) and farewell for my 3 months old housemate, Miki, tonight. =)

Even bday boy suffer from the aftermath of EIS. LOL!

shall update bout the celebration cum farewell soon.. stay tune! ciaoz!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another Memorable Date

suppose i had class at 8am today, but i slept at 6am last nite, because of Starcraft 2 addiction, yet exam is in 7 days time. OMG~! hopefully i able to stop dat addiction, or else i might do badly in my exam.. =(

anyway, after picking up ah dear from coll at 2pm, we head to McD at jalan genting klang to had our very 1st McD's GCB. it was nice, especially the chicken, mix with the sauce, taste very smooth and really delicious, but it cant really fill my stomach if there is no fries..

McD's GCB!

den we head to Time Square for movie, Titled Love in Disguise, by LeeHom and Crystal Liu.. the movie is nice! LeeHom's is superb! and the entire movie is really humorous. it is like a musical show, with jokes in it. of coz it is a love story, typical kind of story. despite the story plot, overall is worth watching it. oh jzu for ur info, i hardly listen to chinese songs, yet i'm saying dis movie is good.. dats how awesome it is.. =D

Love in Disguise! Must watch!! =D

after the movie, we head to Plaza Low Yat to had our dinner at Sushi Zanmai. dis japanese shop juz open not longer ago, and it is having promotion until 31st August, such as 50% off for selected items.

the menu, and the promotion card.

Chicken Katsudon (Large), Fried chicken with egg and rice, for RM7.90 (ori: RM15.80)

Aburi Zanmai Sushi Moriawase, 6 different type of sushi, for RM6.90 (ori: RM13.80)

Tamago sumthing, cant remember, it is one of the sushi in Aburi Zanmai. taste NICE!!

dis is how u should eat a sushi.. wakakak

dis is how i looks when eating bento.

guess we wont be dating until end of exam.. can someone motivate me to study? hoping for good grades.. till then.. ciaoz! =D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

say NO to 3rd party accessories

There is a reason why the ORIGINAL brand product is more expensive than the 3rd party one. dun be fool by the price of 3rd party product, like me.. i'm regreting now coz of getting a 3rd party product.

i bought a Nissin Di866 flashgun since feb dis year, without knowing the hot shoe is actually made of PLASTIC! compare with the original Canon or Nikon flash gun, theirs are made of METAL, which of coz more tough. juz a few weeks later, i notice there is a small crack on the hot shoe already.. i was like.. OMG! i juz bought if for few weeks only alreyd crack? how long it will last then? and juz 2 months later, one side of the hot shoe broke already. dat time i asked the shop whether is it possible to claim for warranty and how long does it take. guess wat he answer me? "i hav on stock item send for warranty for 2 months++ already, till now not yet send back.." i was like.. WAT! so long? Canon warranty claim is juz within 2 weeks! wat service is Nissin providing? BooOOoo~ so ended up, u glue it back using super glue.. and somehow it can stand. i was happy, juz for a moment..

then in one of the day during july, i brought my camera out, with my flash mounted, place it at the back seats, without bag. suddenly i apply an emergency break, and my camera juz rolled down from the seat. when i wanted 2 pick it up, it became to piece (camera and the flashgun), which means the hot shoe of the flashgun is broken, now BOTH SIDE. i admit dis is due to my careless and is my fault. but if it is made of metal, will it break so easily? and again i go ask the shop for warranty, and he tell me the same story, dey havent send back the product.. gosh~ and again, i glue it back again, but still it doesnt last long..

today i got a call for group shooting assignment, which is my 1st time shooting an indoor group photo, sounds easy, but is a new experience though. =D i was getting more n more excited during photo shooting, and my hand was holding the camera and shaking to ask the ppl to pose, until the last few shots, suddenly *Crack* *Piak*, and the next thing i saw is my flashgun on the floor, with some of the plastic cracked. my hot shoe BROKE again, the the worse part is the red transparent plastic which cover the sensor also broke. somehow i dun feel sad or moody, in fact i expect dis think will happened, juz didnt expect it happen so soon. even my client also shocked. fortunately, the flash has slave mode.. else it is hard 2 get a nice pic shot..

as u can see the sensor now is naked without the plastic cover there.. and the hot shoe is broken. the pieces is in the small container, together wit some small pieces of the red plastic.

oh well. this incident warn me is time to get a NEW FLASH, and is the original Canon flash.. so for the moment, i shall have a rest, meanwhile waiting for canon new flash, which rumored will be release dis September. somehow i'm in a dilemma, wanted 2 get a Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) lens, which cost me 2.7k, and now another flash, which probably cost me another 1.8k? which to buy 1st? sigh~

conclusion, if u are a rough clumsy person, like me, dun ever get 3rd party accessories, always support original brand product, else u will be experiencing incident like mine..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day without own car

Seriously, if u used to rely on own transport, or others, to go somewhere u like, what will u feel if dun possess ur own transport, or others cant fetch u along? YES! u might think why not juz take taxi or bus? TRUE! but how if u did pay for ur transport monthly? do u feel like paying extras to public transport? i'm not blaming anyone for it, juz dat i hate it, when i dun share the same destination with others, no transport to go back home, and end up i have 2 wait for at least half an hour to take public transport.. =(

oh well.. 2day, classed ended 2pm. me n toy went 2 library to submit our interim report to our project supervisor, but it took us sometime as supervisor was slightly late, and there is short briefing. so after submission, toy went to gym, while i hav 2 walk from coll to TBR for my 1st meal of the day, alone, under the hot sun! =( once i reached the hawker, wat i wanan eat is something soup as my stomach doesnt feeling well. but all the stall which sells soup are closed, and my other fren already finish their food. at dat instance, i dunno y, but i juz feel like going back to MU to eat.. ended up i reply wat others suggest me 2 eat in a bad tune.. sorry guys..
oh thx to Bosco Tan who drop me at the main gate.. =)

here comes the problem. i hav to wait for taxi.. is not dat there is no taxi, but dats not enuff ppl to share taxi with.. u can take taxi by ur own, but u hav to come out with 6bucks? i dun wan to do so, end up i waited for 20mins to share with 3 person, which is rm1.50 each.. anyway, after i reached home, pack my stuff, and when i wanna take a taxi AGAIN to LRT station, the sky suddenly start to drizzle, yet there is NO TAXI there! OMG! end up i hav to wait 10 mins, sheltered under a tree for taxi.. blarh.. oh well i'm lucky 2 get another person to share taxi with me to LRT.. =)

so taking LRT to kl central isnt a big deal, reached kl central at 1710. and it is almost end of office hour. once i take the escalator down to the platform, wat i saw is the "human sea"! all the platform are FULL! whether is heading towards rawang, or seremban, port klang or batucaves, all are packed!

even the opposite platform are crowded too..

when the train come, everyone is pushing towards the door, and the ppl from the train is having hard time to come out as well.. dis is MALAYSIAN.. wat to do.. sigh... oh did u guys noe the middle coach is reserved for FEMALE only? guess wat.. the coach is packed as well, eventually ppl who were queuing for female coach end up queuing for normal coach.. LOL!

these are the ppl who waiting for the female coach.. dat explain why dey end up going other coach.

oh well i missed the 1st train. so wat i did was i went to the opposite platform, took the train which is heading towards batucaves, to the station b4 kl central, which is Kuala Lumpur, so that i took the train earlier and i need not 2 squeeze with others in kl central. however, after 20 mins of waiting, when the train arrived at kuala lumpur, i still have 2 squeeze with others too.. fortunately, i'm the last one who able to fit in the slot, even my bag almost got stuck when the door is closing.. *phew*

however, once the door closed, the the posture of how i stand remain like dat for half an hour, coz it was TOO PACKED! imagine, me, carrying my Lowepro bag in front of me, with another bag of my stuff, facing the door, and lean against it, and i hardly able to move around, even wanna took my hp from my pocket also became an obstacle. >.<
this are the ppl on my left, packed!

these are the ppl on my right.. also packed!

imagine i was squeezed under this condition, from Kuala Lumpur until subang, which is half an hour, then only the some of the passenger get off board.. until shah alam, only i able to get my body free n stretch.. and finally, after 1 hour trip of KTM, i finally reached Bukit Badak.. dad came n picked me up, and had dinner at home. oh good news for me is that my car which send for repair for a week, is finally done! dat explain why i did not posses my own transport from the early of dis post.. =D

conclusion, no transport = troublesome = money waste = no value added. hopefully i will be driving next week to kl.. =D